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Jul 13, 2017

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Updated forensic drawing of the Isdal Woman The samples are "useful for repeat examinations, and as a source of DNA". Image caption Tissue samples from the organs are preserved in paraffin blocks Image caption Prof Inge Morild looks through tissue samples belonging to the Isdal Woman NRK and local police agree to send the samples off for DNA analysis. Nils Jarle Gjøvåg, head of forensics at West Police District, says it's important to pursue the woman's identity because "somewhere in the world, there may be some relatives wondering where she went". "We try to identify every unknown body, so that relatives can have an answer." While they wait for DNA results, NRK publish a documentary into the investigation - and receive more than 150 tip offs from people interested in the case. "In Norway, this case is a big enigma for people… there's a lot of people who want some sort of closure in the case," says journalist Ståle Hansen. Image caption NRK's investigative team (from left to right): Marit Higraff, Eirin Aardal, Øyvind Bye Skille and Ståle Hansen After months of work, What is Skiptracing? scientists have an extended DNA profile of the woman. The Skip Tracer latest results, published on Friday, show the woman was of European descent - making the theory that the woman was an agent from Israel much less likely. Norwegian police are set to issue an Interpol black notice - which seeks information on unidentified bodies - with the new information. European police forces will be asked to check their DNA databases to see if they find a match.

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