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Jan 26, 2018

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Perhaps the better test for such smugness of hindsight is to consider what unpopular stance we know today to be morally right but hesitate to defend for fear of derision or retribution. Which is not to let the developers of an earlier city off the hook. With developers excluding people of color from certain areas of the city and lenders refusing to lend in redlined geographic areas, the possibility of home ownership and the areas where that choice could be exercised were sharply circumscribed. By consigning people of color to certain areas, ones with aging housing more likely to be slum-like, developers limited the available supply of housing for those people and also consigned those buyers to housing less likely to appreciate with the overall market. Given that a house is often a household’s biggest asset, that imposed an intergenerational penalty that’s a major factor in the racial wealth gap of today. If you’d like to join in this people-powered project of cataloging deeds, there’s more information and a tutorial at mappingprejudice.org. The project began as an effort to catalogue solely Minneapolis deeds, but the digitizing of the entire Hennepin County database of deeds for the period of study allows researchers to scrutinize beyond the city limits. The project began under the auspices of the Historyapolis Project at Augsburg College and now is being supported by the University of Minnesota as well. There’s already a dynamic map posted for Minneapolis that portrays visually how the use of racially exclusive deed covenants spread over time. So far they’re Skip Tracer more prevalent in south Minneapolis than the rest of the city but more concentrated east of Interstate 35W than in Southwest Minneapolis.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.southwestjournal.com/voices/dateline-minneapolis/2017/09/tracing-the-legacy-of-prejudice/

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