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Jul 15, 2017

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Image caption Some items of luggage found by Blaine Gibson on a beach in Madagascar last year "I really thought they would extend the search," Mr Gibson said. "The debris that I and other people have found resulted in very strong scientific evidence and it's been ignored." Blaine Gibson believes other evidence has been ignored, including reports from people in the Maldives who say they saw something fall from the sky the day the plane vanished. How to an individual? He blames an "overreliance" on the early satellite data, which put false hope in 120,000 sq km. "It's like saying we're not going to look for it until we find it." The relatives' group, Voice370, says searching the newly defined area is "an inescapable duty owed to the flying public in the interest of aviation safety". Image caption Relatives say finding out the cause of the crash is important to improve air travel security So will it happen? At the moment there is no indication it will. The search has already cost $145m (£118m) and it's not clear who would be prepared Skip Tracing Tool to pick up such a tab again. Don Thompson says China, which has provided one of the specialist search ships, has acquired further equipment in recent months and could perhaps step in. Most of the passengers were after all Chinese. But there's no indication of that as yet. "It needs a bit of political will to get it going, some sort of organisation so it can lobby the right entities," he says.

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