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Jul 16, 2017

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Because of the highly technical nature of these investigations, private data security teams can be expected to help in the search. That includes working directly with law enforcement to uncover clues left behind by the attackers, as well as tracking the virus and its effects separately to protect their corporate clients. These firms have been instrumental in solving some cases. In the WannaCry case, the phishing emails sent by the criminals with the infected link are a key piece of evidence. Patricia Lewis, the international security research director at Chatham House in London, likened the text of the email to a physical letter and its metadata to the envelope it arrives in. “An envelope has lots of information on it: the stamp with the time and place it was sent from, the handwriting or printer type, a sender’s address, maybe a fingerprint or DNA from saliva on the seal,” Ms. Lewis said. Criminals are aware their emails contain revealing clues, and they try to cover their tracks. “People use cloakers, which hide your identity, making you look as if you are someone and somewhere else,” she said. Like tracing the license plates of a stolen car back to the wrong person, this can lead investigators astray. “But a good detective can track them,” Ms.

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